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Our first issue is ready! 

It is filled with real life stories of real people experiencing extraordinary events – that singular moment that marks the connection to something different, something that shows that there’s more to this existence than the mundane.

Can you think of the moment when everything changed for you? The moment when you realized there is something MORE to life? The feeling of KNOWING, not wishing, hoping, or dreaming…actually FEELING it, EXPERIENCING…that moment in time?

This is a Call for Submissions to have your story in the next issue of This WooWoo Life Ezine! We are looking to fill our pages, so tell your friends about this wonderful opportunity to create an ezine together that will inspire, uplift, and share the power of this amazing experience. The more stories we have, the better!

We are now open to submissions for our June issue! All submitted stories are welcome, and will be considered for publication. To submit your story, follow the guidelines below. 

Call for Submissions:

  • articles – written stories 300-500 words, of true accounts of how your “ordinary” life became extraordinary due to experiences with healing, angels, or anything of a metaphysical nature.


  • sponsors and advertisers – ads: full, 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8 page, with or without graphics. Your ad will be seen by thousands of readers per day!
    Pump up the exposure by being a sponsor, and having your ad both on our home page sidebar AND on the inside front cover of the issue!

We offer:

For article contributors, if your article is accepted, for our first issue, all contributors will be gifted a one-night class of choice at the Reiki Awakening Academy School of Intuitive Development. You will receive an email with details, but please browse the extensive catalog of class offerings to see how great this is. Classes are held live online, so you can attend from the comforts of home or even a nearby coffee shop with wifi. Contributors selected will receive an email on the issue launch date with instructions how to register for their free RAA class.

Contributors will also be permitted to have a tagline at the bottom of their article with a two-sentence bio and website link. The promotion for you is a big bonus!

There will always be perks for writers, and in future issues, financial compensation will be available as well. Those who have written for past issues will be given first consideration for articles for future issues.

Rights to your article remain yours. By submitting an article, you give ThisWooWooLife.com permission to use your article in one of our issues. But you have complete rights to republish your article anywhere else you’d like. It’s your writing and always will be.

You may submit articles directly on the form below, or email them directly to editor.twwl(at)gmail.com. Submissions for consideration for our June 4th issue are due no later than May 20, 2012. Any articles submitted after May 20 will be considered for our August issue.

If you have questions, you may also use the form below to submit them.

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