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We have many opportunities to advertise with us and get your name, logo, event and message virally out to tens of thousands who will see This WooWoo Life!

We have a growing subscriber list of 1,000 and the link will be regularly tweeted to over 15,000 followers on Twitter, posted on this and at least 3 other websites, and shared on Facebook. Plus, other advertisers will be sharing with their own mailing lists, creating even more exposure!

As an advertiser, you can also send it out to your mailing list! The ezine will be in an easy share format – pdf, as well as live on our website and several others.

If you request, you may also post to your own website! Should you wish to do this, please contact us for instructions and attribuition guidelines.


Here are the advertising options!

Sponsor:        $175

  • Your company logo on the sidebar of the website (active from date of purchase until the next issue is published [May 2012], renewable), AND
  • 1/4 ad on the inside front cover of the issue
Sponsor $175

Sponsor $175



Text or graphic in jpg format, high quality please (300 dpi or higher), size according to ad size ordered – your ad will look exactly as you send it to us. If we need to edit for size, there will be an additional $20 surcharge. (Or you may edit and re-submit).

10 x 10.25”

Full Page $100



10 x 5”


4.875 x 10.25” (indicate H or V)

1/2 page $65










1/4 PAGE
4.875 x 5”

1/4 Page $35








1/8 PAGE

VERTICAL 2.313 x 5” OR
HORIZONTAL 4.875 x 2.375” (indicate V or H)

1/8 Page $25




After ordering with the paypal button representing the size you want,

Email Camera-Ready Ads, Photos,
Art, Logos, Ad Copy to:

• E lectronic Art Preferred Format: JPG

Please be sure that your art is formatted with a minimum of
300 dpi

Note: If you only want text, please format the text the way you want it and save in pdf format or as a jpg to preserve your font. Make sure it fits into the size dimensions of your selected ad size before sending as an attachment by email.


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